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An anonymous and close online community


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Jodel is an online community that acts as a traditional bulletin board. You can post messages that can be read only by users within a specific radius.

When you publish a message on Jodel, you can attach a picture if you want, although it's not necessary or even that common. Any other user can answer your message or rate it. That said, it's very important to know that no type of abuse, insult, or similar behavior is acceptable on Jodel.

The interface is nice and simple. Each message is framed with a different color, and everything is just a tap away. If you want to answer, you can press on the message; if you want to rate it, you tap on the arrow; if you want to report it, tap on the dots.

Jodel is quite an interesting online community that works similarly to the now-extinct Secret. Time will tell if, unlike Secret, Jodel can stay alive for longer.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher